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Anastrozole in bodybuilding is an excellent suppressor of the female hormone estrogen and is a very powerful aromatase inhibitor. It produces testosterone, which is very important for achievements in strength sports. Also, this medication is excellent for water elimination and gives a decent fight to gynecomastia.

For men, gynecomastia is not a pleasant enough manifestation. Since this disease is deposited fat on the female type and noticeably, the breast glands become larger. A very neglected form of this disease is treated only surgically by removing the consequences. When an athlete takes anabolic steroids for a very long time, this drug can be called indispensable.

The drug helps to deal with the appearance of female hormones in the bodybuilder’s body and prevents the development of female sexual characteristics. This drug can undoubtedly be called the most popular and to date effective in relation to similar drugs.

The intake of the drug is not affected by food, it works perfectly at any time of intake, at least before, at least after, at least during meals. But if there is a desire to improve the effect it is better to drink it on an empty stomach, it will help it to get into the blood faster from the stomach.

The highest concentration in the blood of the drug is noticed two hours after taking it. The half-life takes about fifty hours. It is excreted naturally with the help of urine and bile.

The drug reduces aromatization activity by almost ninety percent when compared to the original indicators. Also the drug is very fast acting blocking completely the process of aromatization can be after two hours.

This remedy, among other things, fights well with fat deposits, that is, it can be called an excellent fat burner, since it is estrogens that can be the cause of excess weight.

  • In order to prevent gynecomastia in male representatives
  • To treat gynecomastia
  • To improve the relief by completely blocking estrogen
  • To have more anabolic hormone in the bloodstream
  • Combating hypertension
  • To be used as SCT after steroid administration


This medication can be used as a prophylactic and as a treatment for genicomastia.

For prophylaxis – 0.5 mg – every other day
When signs of the disease appear – 1 mg – every other day
When taking steroids with aromatizing effects – 1 mg – daily

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