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Anastrozole is a medical drug whose action is aimed at reducing the amount of estrogen and increasing the production of testosterone in the body.

In bodybuilding Anastrozole is widely used as a post-course therapy after taking strong anabolic steroids, due to its ability to effectively eliminate water and resist gynecomastia. The advantages of the drug also include rapid action: aromatization processes are blocked within 2 days after the start of intake.

Anastrozole in bodybuilding has gained popularity due to the fact that it purposefully suppresses the synthesis of estrogen in the body. That is, in fact, the drug eliminates the cause, not the symptoms of estrogenic manifestations. Therefore, Anastrozole has a pronounced fat-burning effect, since the formation of fat deposits also occurs under the influence of estrogen.

The use of Anastrozole in bodybuilding helps to successfully solve a number of problems:

  • to prevent or treat gynecomastia in male athletes;
  • improve muscle definition;
  • increase the level of anabolic hormones;
  • prevent possible prostate enlargement due to steroid use.

It is recommended to start taking the drug at the same time as starting a course of anabolic steroids, or when signs of aromatization appear. Therefore, it is best to order steroids and Anastrozole in a complex. The standard dosage is 0.25 to 1 mg. The drug is well absorbed regardless of food intake, but the greatest effect is when taken on an empty stomach. In this case, it is well absorbed by the intestine and quickly enters the bloodstream.

The average dosage of the drug (0.50 mg) is indicated for the prevention of unwanted aromatization. Increasing the dose to 1 mg per day is necessary in case of signs of gynecomastia or in case of taking aromatizing steroids in large doses.

With the standard regimen of Anastrozole adverse reactions are excluded, so the course of the drug, if necessary, can be very long. Side effects of the drug in the form of allergic reactions, headache, diarrhea, nausea may occur only in case of overdose or individual intolerance.

For female athletes taking Anastrozole is contraindicated, because the drug causes significant changes in the hormonal background, which can lead to irreversible negative consequences in the female body.

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