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Anastrozole is a drug, the most powerful aromatase inhibitor of its kind. The principle of action of this highly selective non-steroidal drug is aimed at lowering the amount of estrogen in the blood, increasing the concentration of gonadotropic hormones and enhanced production of natural testosterone.

Among bodybuilders, anastrozole is very popular, because it promotes the excretion of water from the body and perfectly copes with gynecomastia. Manifestations of gynecomastia in men are very unpleasant, especially fat deposits of the female type and enlargement of breast glands. In addition, the neglected form can not be cured, to remove the consequences can only be surgically removed.

In long courses of steroids, as well as in courses where very large doses of anabolics are used, anastrozole is indispensable to prevent the development of female sex characteristics in male bodybuilders. This drug is by far the most effective and popular compared to other drugs whose action is aimed at combating feminization.

Taking anastrozole does not depend on the time of meals, it can be taken before, after or during meals. But to achieve the fastest effect, it is desirable to take anastrozole on an empty stomach, because then the drug is better and faster absorbed into the blood from the gastrointestinal tract. Two hours after taking it, the highest concentration of anastrozole in the blood is observed. The half-life is on average 40-50 hours. Excretion from the body is carried out through bile and urine.

Anastrozole effectively combats the suppression of aromatization and can reduce its activity by 80-90% compared to the initial indicators. In addition, the drug differs from others in the speed of action: almost complete blocking of the aromatization process occurs as early as 2 hours after taking anastrozole.

The most important quality, for which anastrozole is so valued in bodybuilding, is not only blocking estrogen, but also blocking aromatization. This means that the drug works to prevent the production and synthesis of estrogen in the body, i.e. its action is directed at the cause, rather than fighting the symptoms. After just one hour, taking 1 mg of anastrozole significantly reduces the level of estradiol in the blood (by 80%!).

In addition, anastrozole is well established as a fat-burning drug, since fat accumulation is also an effect of estrogen.

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