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Anastrozole has a wide popularity in sports practice, especially among experienced athletes doing heavy training. Here, it is used as a supplemental anti-estrogenic agent during the course itself (not on post-course therapy) to prevent/minimize estrogenic side effects (which include fluid retention and gynecomastia, among others).

Anastrozole is a powerful anti-estrogen, considered one of the strongest among analogs, reviews about the drug confirm this. Its use is appropriate either from the beginning of the course at the obvious risk of estrogenic side effects (for preventive purposes), or at the appearance of their first symptoms (for treatment).

In addition, Anastrozol is a fast-acting drug. After ingestion, it is absorbed from the GI tract in a short time, reaching maximum plasma concentration after several hours (usually within 2 hours). Food intake can adversely affect the speed, but not the degree of absorption of the substance.

The mechanism of action of Anastrozole is strikingly different from such agents as tamoxifen and clomiphene, which, like it, are common in sports. It has been observed that the drug blocks the aromatase enzyme, preventing the very process of estrogen formation; tamoxifen and clomiphene, on the other hand, act as estrogen receptor blockers.

If the recommendations are followed, Anastrozole is a relatively harmless drug to use, however, side effects can occur with abuse or individual predisposition. The most likely ones here are CNS disorders (headaches, drowsiness, asthenia), protein metabolism (cholesterol elevation) and GI disorders (nausea, vomiting, appetite deterioration, diarrhea, even anorexia).

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